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Bizarre Object on Mars: NASA Curiosity Rover Spots Unusual Twisting Rock Towers

NASA’s Curiosity rover has found a spectacular rock formation penetrating Mars’ unusual floor on this newly-released...

NASA’s Curiosity rover has found a spectacular rock formation penetrating Mars’ unusual floor on this newly-released picture by The SETI Institute’s Twitter web page bandar poker.
#PPOD: Right here is one other cool rock at Gale crater on Mars! The spikes are most probably the cemented fillings of historical fractures in a sedimentary rock. The remainder of the rock was made from softer materials and was eroded away. 📷: @NASA @NASAJPL @Caltech #MSSS fredk, acquired on Might 17.— The SETI Institute (@SETIInstitute) Might 26, 2022


“Twisted Spires of Rock”
A number of twisted spires of rock rise among the many shallow sands and rocks of the Gale Crater, and the spikes of sediment seem like frozen streams of water that poured from an unseen jug within the sky.
Nonetheless, specialists famous that the columns had been most probably made from cement-like materials that previously stuffed outdated bedrock fractures. The snaking streams of dense materials stayed standing when the softer rock finally eroded away.
A digicam took the beautiful rock formations on board the Curiosity rover on Might 17, however NASA and specialists from the SETI institute (which stands for the Seek for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) solely revealed it final week as a part of SETI’s planetary image of the day undertaking.
The buildings, as unusual as they seem, will not be with out precedent.
In response to Science Alert, a ‘hoodoo’ is a tall and lanky pillar of rock created by erosion in Earthly geology. A tent rock, fairy chimney, or earth pyramid are different names for such formation.
Hoodoos are usually present in dry places, reminiscent of Utah’s canyons or southern Serbia’s mountains, and the columns can presumably attain the heights of ten-story buildings!
Laborious rock layers that develop up inside softer sedimentary rock generate the pure buildings. When the rocks erode away because of rain, wind, frost, or any disruptions, you might be left with a beautiful mildew of an outdated crack within the bedrock.
Compared to those we see on Earth, the 2 rock towers on Mars seem like on the verge of collapsing, however specialists observe that they’re undoubtedly sturdy sufficient to endure the lesser floor gravity on Mars.
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Flower on Mars?
Curiosity found one other odd rock construction earlier this yr that will have been generated in an identical method, although with drastically completely different results.
This little rock resembles a bit of coral or a flower, with quite a few small petals extending upwards in the direction of the solar.

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(Photograph : NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)

In response to a NASA press assertion again in March, one concept that has developed is that the rock is a type of concretion generated by minerals “deposited by water in cracks or divisions in present rock.”
Moreover, NASA defined that these concretions might be compacted, are more durable and denser than the rock layers, and may persist even after the encompassing rock has eroded away.
Though no peak estimates help the {photograph} of the Gale crater, the extraterrestrial spires noticed by Curiosity are comparatively putting from the remainder of their surroundings.
The huge rock tombstones might seem immobile now, however their growth reveals an excellent deal about previous Martian circumstances and whether or not life may have thrived billions of years in the past.
The Gale crater is believed to be a dried-up lake mattress, albeit it might be shallower and extra transient than beforehand thought by specialists.
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